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Demo on Environmental Analysis


Why to use Environment Analysis and its usage

1)     Environment analysis is a useful function if you want to see how well an object is encapsulated. A fully encapsulated object has no external references.

2)     It is very important to determine an object’s environment before transporting objects into other systems. Ensure that the required environment will be present in the target system after the transport (no references to local objects).

3)     Use this function to determine the external references for an object. External references are those objects to which your object refers but which are not defined within the object itself.

Now, let’s see one more example why it’s important and how it will help developers.

I have created one simple report and now I want to move the workbench request (Transport) to another system for further testing. The transport will show error if we don’t move the table ZTEST_RM along/before with this report.

We can find out the dependant objects (external reference) and make sure we are moving all the required objects along with the report to other systems.

Using Environment Analysis you can find out all the External references to an object and then can take the appropriate steps in order to avoid the any unexpected errors if required.

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