BDC recording from testing client to development client


Then Go to SHDB transaction in development client and go to new recording. Give the recording name as ZRECORDINGNEW and opt the same vendor master updation transaction code FK02. 


In this case your development client should have at least one vendor. If not create it and input the vendor in FK02 transaction and as you did earlier select the address checkbox.  


It will show you the address information. You don’t change anything in that and come back. Because this is not the vendor to whom we are going to change his PIN Code.  

Now it will show you the recording information. Delete all the recording information and press the import button and browse bdc_recording file from the presentation server.  



The previous recording information will loaded in to BDC recording and go back from the screen. It would popup for saving the recording. Now save that recording.  



Select the recording and press ‘program’ button. It will popup for new program creation. Input the required details and the expected BDC recording program will get created.  



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include bdcrecx1.


perform open_group.

perform bdc_dynpro      using 'SAPMF02K' '0106'.
perform bdc_field       using 'BDC_CURSOR'
perform bdc_field       using 'BDC_OKCODE'
perform bdc_field       using 'RF02K-LIFNR'
perform bdc_field       using 'RF02K-D0110'
perform bdc_dynpro      using 'SAPMF02K' '0110'.
perform bdc_field       using 'BDC_CURSOR'
perform bdc_field       using 'BDC_OKCODE'
perform bdc_field       using 'LFA1-NAME1'
perform bdc_field       using 'LFA1-SORTL'
perform bdc_field       using 'LFA1-STRAS'
'Brook House, Shakespeare Sarani'.
perform bdc_field       using 'LFA1-ORT01'
perform bdc_field       using 'LFA1-PSTLZ'
perform bdc_field       using 'LFA1-LAND1'
perform bdc_field       using 'LFA1-REGIO'
perform bdc_field       using 'LFA1-SPRAS'
perform bdc_transaction using 'FK02'.

perform close_group.

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