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Below is the screen you will get when you give the Object Set name and click the create icon.

There are lots of filters that you can use to group objects into an object set.

What are Check Variants?

This is the most important and most crucial component in Code Inspector. The Check Variants are nothing but the rules to be checked when we do the inspection. The system checks the individual objects of a defined set of objects for certain attributes using the check variant.

SAP supplies the global DEFAULT variant, which you can use to check objects from within the workbench i.e. when you do from SE24, SE37, SE38 or SE80. You can anytime enhance the predefined list of check categories and individual checks supplied by SAP but with restriction that you have proper authorizations to change or create check variants.

The individual checks are assigned to different check categories. The following list shows examples of check categories and individual checks.

·         General checks contain formatting elements, such as listing table names from SELECT statements.

·         Performance checks contain checks for performance and for resource use, such as:

1.     Analysis of the WHERE condition for SELECT / UPDATE and DELETE

2.     SELECT statements that read past the table buffer

3.     Low-performing accesses to internal tables

·         Security checks contain checks for critical statements, cross-client queries, inadequate authority checks.

·         Syntax check / generation contains ABAP syntax check, an enhanced program check, and generation:

·         Programming conventions contain checks for name conventions.

·         Search functions contain searches in ABAP coding for tokens (words) and statements.

These are just to mention the most important but there are lot more you can explore.

Give an appropriate name for the check variant based on the checks it will perform and click the create icon. It will take you to the following screen:  

If we select the check box for a category all sub items will be checked, you can manually select multiple items from the tree structure and enable the checks.

There is an arrow shown in attributes column where you can again do a pinpoint check. Clicking on the attributes arrow will open more options to be checked.

For every check there is documentation provided where you can see how this check will work and what results you can expect after the inspection.

So go and dig down into the options provided and do not just rely on the results of Workbench Code checks. Create a custom check variant where it will check for all the possible errors that one can expect to be rectified in static review of the code.

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