Understanding "Checkpoint Group"


Click on create and enter the following entries.

There are four kind of object type for which a variant can be created as

  1. Check Group
  2. Program
  3. Class
  4. Function Group

And for particular Object type the Different options can be given for Breakpoint, Logpoint and Assert. The Options for them are same as stated before in the Personal Activation screen for check group.

Now save the variant and then go back to the checkgroup for which we have created the variant. Don’t forget to activate the variant.

As above it is seen the Local variant is visible in the Variants tab the same way we can create a Global variant also.

Now run the Program.

If the assertion condition is violated the listed logs are created for the assertion as we have selected the log for assertion in the SAAB transaction in the Check Group.

The log will also be created for the LOG-POINT statement and the SUBKEY there defines the Key to distinguish that the log has been created for which Assertion and checkpoint.

In the Log the data is segregated according to the two Hierarchies:-

  1. Gropu/Subkey/Program/Procedure
  2. Group/Program/Procedure/Subkey  

The log seen is like this.

Double clicking on the Line where the Include line number is seen we can see the description of the log as below.

As we have logged the table entries also double clicking on the table we can see the table entries too.


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