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How to attach documents to an ABAP Program


The pop-up that opens after clicking on OPEN prompts for a document description.

We will call this simply WORD DOCUMENT

Press the ENTER key

The document will get uploaded and appear in the top section called description as shown below

(Expand the tree)

Zooming to desired area

Similarly upload all your documents that you want for your ABAP Program.

You can upload documents on instruction on execution of the program, test cases, scenarios etc.

After uploading all files, the screen will look like as shown below

Now you can even transport these documents. Please follow the path as shown. First select your desired document

(Do not select the check-box; that is for deletion, will show later)

Now select the menu path as shown

The system will prompt if you are sure

Press YES. The system will prompt to enter the transport request number. Enter the request number and press ENTER key and that’s it!!!

Your document is attached to a transport request, ready to be transported across to quality and production systems

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