Get the F4 help of a field based on the value of another field


Step4:  Here we come across a challenge: The company code field s_bukrs is not directly accessible in this event. You can see the same in below debugging screen shot. 

Step4:  To overcome this challenge we need to use the Function Module


We need to pass the field name as the importing parameter to this FM and you can get the field values as the exporting parameter.  

Write the following code in the above event.  

Step5: In this way we can get the value of the company code field and it can be used further for limiting the sales organization values as below:  


Additional information: 

In the above example we have seen how to read the value in the company code field, similarly we can modify/update the value in the company code field using the FM


Refer the below code which needs to be written in the same selection screen event:  

Company code is defaulted to MAC as below;  

Summary: In this way we can access/update one field in the F4 help of another field.

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