Object oriented programming (OOP) explained with an example


Write the required code. Similarly for SET_BALANCE 


Similarly for WITHDRAW. 


Now we are almost done creating the object. Press CTRL + F3 to activate or hit the Matchstick.  

We will see this in the status  

Now we are done building the global class we can test it. Press F8. 


Click SET_BALANCE. Write the NEW_BALANCE and press ENTER. 


We come back to Initial Screen. Now click DEPOSIT.


We see the return Values now. 


Now let’s WITHDRAW 4000



Now the BALANCE is 2000 

Lets try withdrawing 3000 now. 

We get an exception. 

Given below is an example code for using the global class we defined.

REPORT  ZGB_OOPS_BANK                                               .

DATA: acct1 type ref to zaccountaa.

DATA: bal type i.

create object: acct1.

selection-screen begin of block a.
parameters: p_amnt type dmbtr,
            p_dpst type dmbtr,
            p_wdrw type dmbtr.
selection-screen end of block a.


call method acct1->set_balance( p_amnt ).
write:/ 'Set balance to ', p_amnt.

bal = acct1->deposit( p_dpst ).
write:/ 'Deposited ', p_dpst ,' bucks making balance to ', bal.

bal = acct1->withdraw( p_wdrw ).
write:/ 'Withdrew ', p_wdrw ,' bucks making balance to ', bal.

This is the output. 

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