Program to Upload or Download a report along with PF-Status, Text elements, Documentation and others


For uploading the report:

The user has to select the upload radio button on the selection screen, specify the report name with which it has to be generated in SAP R/3 (The name of the report should start with 'Y' or 'Z') and the flat file path from which it has to be uploaded.  A report is thus generated in the R/3 in Active mode along with its Source code, Attributes, Text elements, PF-status and Documentation and is maintained in all the languages which exist in the file.  

When uploading, if a report with the same name already exists then the system prompts for confirmation for overwriting the existing report. If the user selects 'YES' then the existing report is deleted and a new report is generated with the content in the file, but  in case the user selects 'NO' then he has to enter a new report name.  


Once the process of uploading is completed, a report is generated in the SAP R/3 in active mode with the program name as specified by the user. The source code of the report is shown in the screen shot below:  



  • Once a report is downloaded into a flat file, please do not change the contents

  • Care must be taken when you are overwriting an existing report (in case of upload), or when you are overwriting an existing file (in case of download).

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