Creating pushbuttons on the selection screen


Now to handle the buttons in the program, first we need to create a custom GUI status copied from the standard GUI status as below.  

RSSYSTDB& %_00 refer to the standard GUI status.  

Now we need to add the function codes for the above three buttons created on the selection screen.

FC01, FC02 and FC03 refer to the three buttons which we have activated above.  

Here we will add the function codes for the three buttons. These function codes will be captured in the system variable SY-UCOMM field and this can be used in the program logic.  

Function code ‘DISP’ is used here for the first push button (FC01), similarly ‘CHAN’ and ‘CREA’ for second and third push buttons respectively.  

After entering the function codes for all the push buttons active the pf-status.  

Now come back to the program and write the below code in the



Now execute the program and you can find the below selection screen.  

Summary: In this way we create buttons along with the icons on the selection screen.

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