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Store variables using Sets instead of TVARV(C) table


Step 4:

Enter Single values (NB) or range of values (i.e. from UB to ZZ) as per your requirement.

Then choose save button.

Message will be displayed saying that the Set has been saved.

Step 5:

If you want to add/delete one or more values in the same set, then

Go to transaction GS02.

Enter the Set Name “DOCTYPE” which you want to add/delete values and Choose Enter.

Step 6

It goes to the change mode of the set to add/delete values.

If you want to add records, choose  button and add values.

If you want to delete records, then place the cursor on the record/entry and choose  button.

After add/delete values choose save  button to save the changes.

Step 7

Once creation of set has been completed the values are stored in table “SETLEAF”.

Find the entries in the table “SETLEAF using Set name “DOCTYPE”.

Step 8:

To read set values use the table “SETLEAF” inside the program.

For Ex:

  SELECT valsign valoption valfrom valto
    INTO TABLE itab_setleaf
    WHERE setname = 'DOCTYPE'.

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