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Append a new tab in Collective Search Help (MEKK) of Agreement in ME32K Transaction


The Output is:

Purchasing document we got is 45000017365.

Use this view in the selection method of elementary search help ZRS_SHP_VPL_RFP.

Elementary Search Help ZRS_SHP_VPL_RFP:

Go to SE11 provide the search help name ZRS_SHP_VPL_RFP and click on the create button.

Provide the short description and use the above created view ZRS_V_VPL_RFP as the selection method  and enter the other details as follows.

Remember to check the EBELN as export parameter.

Activate the search help.

Execute it and provide the WBS element, 35000-1 in A screen then B screen will pop up there select any item.  

As the EBELN (Purchasing Document no) is export parameter it gets populated as follows.  

The EBELN is populated and this search help is working fine.

Include this search help ZRS_SHL_VPL_RFP in the appended search help ZRS_SHL_VPL_RFP of MEKK collective search help.

Append Search Help ZRS_SHL_VPL_RFP in ME32K:

In SE11 go to MEKK search help it takes you to the below screen there you select the included search helps tab.

Go to menu GOTO->Append Search Help or press F5 button the below pop up screen gets displayed.

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