To Create a search help with provision to select multiple values


In the tables  parameters of ZSEARCH , write the following parameters. 


In the source code of the function module , write the following code where we call the transaction

ZF4_ZWELS and then we will import the string which we have stored in the program ZSEARCH_ALV from the memory id ZWELS and thus we will append the imported value in the record tab of the search help.

Activate the search help exit and the search help .  

Step 3 . In order to implement that search help we have to make a table , against the field of ZWELS , we can maintain the search help.

Now activate the table and execute the table.


Press F4 on the ZWELS field.You will get the desired search help.  

Select the checkboxes and press enter  


You will witness the window where your multiple entries are shown.  


Press enter and the desires multiple payment values will get attached to the field ZWELS.  

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