Creating a secondary index

By Neha Kapoor

There are two types of indexes: Primary index and secondary index. Primary index is automatically created using the primary keys defined. 

Secondary index could be created as per the user requirement. This article discusses about creating a secondary index. 

Go to transaction SE11. 


For our demo purpose, we have considered the table ZAUTHOR. 

To know if there are any secondary indexes available, click on Goto à Indexes


Following popup appears:


From the above screenshot, it is evident that there are no secondary indexes already created. 

Click on Create à Create Index 


Enter the name of the index. 


Fill in the details – Short description and the fields in the index. 


Save and activate. 

Now you can observe the index created above in the list now:


Maximum number of secondary indexes we can have are 9.

How to make SELECT statement to make use of any particular secondary index? click here

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