Include a structure more than once in a database table


4) After the structure is included, all fields of structure is listed into table. Here we can see all the address fields in table ZTESTTABLE.  


5) Now, we want to include the same structure again in the same table. So, to avoid the duplicity, assign a suitable group against that structure as described below.  


6) Double click on group GR1, it will ask for a suffix to add. Add a suffix in ‘Name suffix’. Once suffix added, Save and activate the table.

In our case, we have added suffix P as below:  


7) Now, our job is done. We can see that same structure ZADDRESS_TEST is added twice on table ZTESTTABLE with having suffix as ‘P’ against each fields.  


So, in this way we can include the same structure more than once in a table as per our requirement.

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