Table Control using Wizard in Module Pool Programming


The next screen will automatically retrieve the fields available in the internal table and show. We have to select those fields, which and all should be displayed in table control.

If you have declared any character field for table control line selection, that should not be selected in this screen.  

Select the input/output attributes as ‘Input control’ and give the field for selection of table control rows. Select the multiple line selection.  

Click on Continue. The table control with auto generated code will automatically be created.  

This will automatically create PBO & PAI modules for table control operations.  


Step 4: For testing this tutorial, write a simple query to populate the internal table of table control and test the input controls associated with it.  


The expected output will be like  


Summary :  

As a result of this tutorial, the user will be able to  

  1. Use table control with wizard in module pool programming and
  2. Create table control operations with system generated code.

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