Update any standard table field value(s) by using Table control with wizard


Create one Application Toolbar UPD.  

Text of Application Tool Func code UPD.  


Assigning Func key to the Function code.  



Function keys of GUI Status.  


Save and Activate GUI Status. Double click on Module TC_MAKT_GET_LINES.  




Add below code to the subroutine USER_OK_TC.  


Create lock object for standard table which you want to update. If lock object already created then there skip Lock object creation step.  

Go to SE11. Lock objects starts with E only.  

Write description and name of standard table along with Lock Mode.  


The entire key field will be displayed. Save and activate.  


Click on Goto and select Lock Modules.  


It will display two FM which we will use for database updating.  


Write the following code for subroutine Process_Data.


Save and activate complete program.  

Run Program.  


The description of Material is TEST FOR PDR PROBLEM.


We will change it to TEST FOR ARPIT and click on Update table.  


Go to transaction MM03. The description of material 1021 has been changed to TEST FOR ARPIT.  

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