Include translations in a transport request


2. Translate Using ‘SOTR_EDIT ‘and Include in a TR :


Give ‘F4’ on Object Type (Ex: Web Dynpro text) and select relevant Object type.

Save will ask for package and TR for English text.

After save.

To translate go back to main screen and Give alias name.

Menu bar -> Edit -> context -> Change


Click on cancel.

Change language and text as shown above. And Save it won’t ask for TR (if no open TR is present for this Alias)so now we need to maintain this translation in a TR externally using standard program ‘RS_LXE_RECORD_TORDER’.

While including Translations of Text elements we are created a new TR, Here we will try use the same TR like below.

To use Existing TR.

1.       UN-check Create new request check box.

2.       Select target language ‘FR’ as shown below.

Give ‘F4’on Transport request to select existing TR created under own SAP user id for translations .Once Give ‘f4’, could able to see same TR created in above steps and take the same TR.

Give object types as ‘SOTR’ and Object Processor as sap user id.

Give F8 .Translations will be included in the same TR mentioned So that we can move the translations to Quality server with the help of this Transport requests.

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