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Database Utility


To check the log click on  in the application toolbar

For Example,

Step 1:

I created table “ZDATA_UTL” with four fields as specified below and activated the table.

Step 2:

After activation, I changed the key field of VBTYP to non-key field and trying to activate the table.

Then I got error message as below.

To avoid such kind of errors, go to SE14 (database utility) and enter the table name “ZDATA_UTL”.

Choose “Edit” button or Enter Key

In the next screen choose  for making adjustments to the table (i.e. adding fields/deleting fields/change the key fields).

If some kind of conversion errors (i.e. Character to Number, Currency ) will also deal with database utility

Step 3:

Popup will be displayed for confirmation on adjustment of table

Choose “Yes”.

Then a message will be displayed as

Step 4:

Check the log by clicking on  in application tool bar of the database utility screen.


If you made changes to the dictionary object, then the underlying database is activated. Usually it works behind the scenes, but occasionally the database utility will prompt you for information.  This occurs when an error is encountered or when existing data must be converted.

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