Creating Database Views


9.     On pressing 'Table fields' button we get a popup likewise shown below. Choose the table whose fields we want to include in our view. Another popup will be shown select the fields we want to include and press 'Copy'.

10.  We repeat the above step to include below shown fields from table YZ14_ACCOUNTS.


11.  In above steps do not include 'MANDT' & 'BRANCH_ID' twice. While activating the view, it will lead to an error.  

12.  As shown, we have the below fields in our view.  

13.   We can also formulate the selection criteria using 'Selection Conditions' tab likewise coded below.  Here we have entered the condition for account type and status. All the data in the base table satisfying the below condition will be selected based on other condition present.

14.  Now save the view by pressing  button present in standard tool bar. Then activate the view with  present in application tool bar. Once view got activated, press  to see the contents. Below screen gets displayed, do not enter any value, just execute it.


15.  Because of the condition we have put on acc_typ & status fields, entries in the base table got filtered. We can see that all the entries have account type as 'CURRENT' & status as 'X'.


Above steps demonstrate how to create database view from multiple tables having foreign key relationships.

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