Creating Custom Screen in XD01


Click on GET_TAXI_SCREEN method and add the following code. 


 case i_taxi_fcode.

    when 'SK_TAB'.

      e_screen  = '1111'.  "Eart + Objekt

      e_program = 'SAPLZSURESHKUMAR'.

      e_headerscreen_layout = ' '.




Activate and leave the transaction. 

Go to KNA1 (Customer Master) table and add a custom field as shown below. Activate the table. 


Now go to XD01 transaction. 

The screen we created will appear as shown in the above screen-shot. Click the button. The following screen will appear. 


Enter a customer number and save the transaction. Now go to KNA1 table and check the value of the Old Customer Number field’s value. The value you entered in this screen will appear on there. 

Until now, we have written code for creating the Custom field. Now we need to disable that field when we are opening the transaction in DISPLAY mode. 


Go to include – LZSURESHKUMARTOP and enter the following code and activate the program. 


Now execute the Transaction in display mode and check the output.  

Populating the data in our custom fields

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