Archiving IDocs


Archiving of IDocs: There are two methods of archiving IDocs:

  • Using the transaction SARA
  • Using the standard programs like RSEXARCA (for archiving), RSEXARCR (for reading) and RSEXARCL (reloading of data into the system)

This document would detail the procedure using the transaction SARA. 

Go to transaction SARA and the enter the Archiving Object name as IDOC 


Press Enter. You could observe some difference in the screen as shown below:


Click on Write button. 


Click on Maintain. Enter a name for your variant.  


Enter the information as shown below:


Click on Continue. Now in this screen, you would mention the data or the IDocs that needs to be archived.  


Click on attributes.


Click on Save and return to main screen. Now we need to mention the start date for the archive to begin. Click on button “Start Date”. 


Here we are scheduling the archival process immediate.

Save your entries. Now click on Execute button: 


Following message appears:


From the above screenshot, you can observe that the IDOC could not be archived. The IDocs shouldn’t be in error status for the IDocs to be archived. 

To change the status of the IDocs, execute the program RC1_IDOC_SET_STATUS. 


Enter the list of IDocs and the new status


Click on Execute. 

Now check in WE05 for the change in the IDoc status: 


Now try executing the transaction SARA and archive the IDocs.



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