ALE-IDOC Scenario using Custom IDOC


Settings on the receiver side. 

The ALE configuration is same as we did it on the sender side. Please refer to earlier pages. 

The receiver specific differences are mentioned below. 

T-Code – SALE 

200 is our sender

800 is our receiver 


Defining Logical System (Same as sender)

Assigning Client to Logical System (Same as sender)

Defining Target System for RFC Calls (Tcode – SM59) (Same as sender)

Defining Port(Same as sender) 

Defining Partner Profiles – Here we are accepting the data from Sender system. Hence we need to configure it as Inbound. 



Click on the  sign above to go to next screen. 


Here the message type is to be created again as it was created on the sender side.

The following steps are repeated, as done on the sender side, on the receiver end 

Tcode WE30

Tcode WE31

Tcode WE82

Tcode WE81

Here on the receiver end, we need to specify a process code at the time of defining the partner profile.

Process code is something that has the logic defined about what to be done after receiving the IDOC. 

In our case, on receipt of the IDOC, we are updating the Z Table. i.e Inserting the data from the IDOC into the Z Table. 


Creating a Process Code

Tcode – WE42  



The logic associated is coded in the Function Module which is specified in the Identification Field above. 

Also the processing type is selected as Processing by Function Module as above. 

The function Module is specified in the following screen.

To have your function Module in the above drop down list, the entry is to be made using the following transaction 

TCode – BD51 


Once the entry is done here, the function module appears in the drop down list in the previous stage.




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