ALE - Error handling through workflow


Activate the Workflow and test it whether it is working as per the requirement.

After the successful completion it is required to attach the workflow with the event.

Go to the Header section (Denoted by CAP).


Go to the Start Events TAB.              

Enter the details of the event with which the workflow should be linked like the category, BOR object type and the event with which that should be linked.

Enter here the BOR object that has been created and give the name of event created for starting the workflow.

Click on the Binding Button for generating the binding between the event and the workflow.  

Generate the binding and click OK button to save the binding.

Click on Activate / deactivate button for activating the linkage.

After the successful linkage the following sign will appear on the workflow..... 

This shows that the workflow has been linked to the event and it will be triggered whenever that particular event will be triggered. 

After the creation and successful linkage of workflow with the event it is required it is required to generate a function module and attached it to the process code. 

Go to SE37 transaction and copy a standard process code function module to a custom one. Do no delete any parameters from the function module as the SAP standard program itself is calling this. 

In that function module do the required validation and whenever the validation fails set a standard parameter ‘WORKFLOW_RESULT’ to 9999 from within the function module, otherwise normally proceed to set the status to 53.

After the creation of function module it is required to attach it to the process code and corresponding attached to the message type at the Partner Profile stage.

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