ALE - Error handling through workflow


The process code is being created through the transaction WE42

Go to the change mode and click the New Entries button for creating new process code. 

Enter the Process Code Name, description and choose the processing type as Processing by function module. Click on the extension button of Identification.

The details for the of the Process Code after clicking the identification button will be  

Whenever idoc arrives into the Destination system then the standard SAP triggers the Process code attached to the Message type in the partner profile. The partner profile is being maintained in the transaction WE20


Since, it is and inbound scenario so the message type and the corresponding process code will be maintained for the Inbound Parameters. 

Click on Create Inbound Parameters button for creating new Inbound Message type and the corresponding message type. 

Enter the process code for the corresponding message type. 


Click SAVE button for saving the changes. 

Whenever the IDOC arrives into the target system, it checks the partner profile and finds the corresponding process code. The process code is being linked with the function module through which the IDOC is required to be processed.

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