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Creating an IDoc File on SAP Application Server



Now it’s time for testing the IDoc. If all the things work fine then an IDoc file created into SAP Application directory which mention above i.e. < D:\usr\sap\EH5\SYS\profile>.

For this first open any one delivery whose sales organization will be ‘3000’ and sold-to-party will be ‘91300’ because we have only maintains the condition record for these entry.

  T-Code VL02N

Press enter.

Now check our output type will be trigger successfully or not. For this open delivery click on output type.

Now select this record and click on button.

Open this IDoc into T-Code WE02

Now Check IDoc files on application directory, for this run T-Code AL11

Double Click on it. See IDoc File which contains IDoc Number in file naming.

 To Download this file from SAP application sever to Local Desktop run T-Code CG3Y,Popup window will appears

Give above created file name with path into Source File input filed and give path where you download your file into your local desktop then press .

After this check your local directory.


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