Step-by-step guide to ALE and IDOCs


Creating the RFC Connection Names: 

Go to TCODE SALE.  Direct TCODE SM59

IMG Path IDoc Interface / Application Link Enabling (ALE) -> Communication  -> Create RFC Connections


Click on Create button.  


Specify all the details in RFC connection screen  


Click on Logon Security tab and specify the details.  


Click on the Special options tab and specify the details which you want.  


Now click on Test Connection button


It show the connection log in next screen


Click on Back

Click on Remote Logon Button  


Depends upon your settings the destination client will open. If you check the Current user option under Logon/ Security tab, then it will show the screen directly without asking the user name and password details.  


Creating RFC ports:

Go to TCODE WE21

Select the Transactional RFC in left side tree and click on Create button  


In dialog box you can select either Generate port name or own port name. If you select Generate Port name system will generate automatically. Here I selected Own port name. Click on continue.  


Specify the description and RFC destination name.  


Click on Save.  


Repeat the same above process in other client. By using opposite client instead of 900 specify 800.  

In Client 900 steps:  

Creating table structure:

ð     Go to TCODE SE11.

ð     Specify table name as ZSTUDENTS.

ð     In Delivery and Maintenance tab set attributes as “Display Maintenance Allowed”

ð     The table fields are.  


ð     Insert some records in table.

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