Extending the standard IDOC for Outbound delivery (VL02N)


Save the extension IDOC and click on the back button and go to Utilities -> Enhancement ->Assign basic type.  


 The below pop up will be prompted with the basic type name, which we have used to create our extension type. In our case it is ‘delvry03’. Click on the continue button.


Now click on the Set Release menu item in EDIT menu to release the extension IDOC.


A pop up will be prompted as shown below, click on YES to release the Extension IDOC.


We have successfully created our extension IDOC ‘ZDELVRY03’.  

Next step is to create a logical message type. Go to transaction WE81.  

By default the screen will be in display mode, go to change mode to enter a new entry.

Give some name to the logical message type and a short description. Save the entry.      

Next step is to assign the created extension IDOC type with the above created logical message type. This is carried out in transaction WE82.  

Here you will assign the message type with the extension IDOC type along with the basic type and release version combination as shown below.


Save the entry.  

Next step is to create a partner profile and assign our message type to it. Also provide details like output types, process code etc in message control tab. To create a partner profiles go to transaction WE20.  

Note: The partner number in partner profile and ship to party number in delivery (VL02N) should be same. In the below shown example we are using Delivery number ‘80016347’ and hence the ship to party ‘1171’ will be our partner number. In WE20 transaction, expand the partner type ‘Partner type KU Customer’ and find the partner number ‘1171’. If it doesn’t exist then click on the create button and type the partner number ‘1171’ and save the entry.  


Now click on the Create Outbound Parameter button (A icon with green plus symbol).

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