Extending the standard IDOC for Outbound delivery (VL02N)


The following screen will be displayed. Enter the partner role(optional), message type, receiver port, basic type and extension type names respectively. Also select the ‘Transfer IDOC immed.’ Radio button. And save the entries.  


Now click on the message control tab as shown below and click on the insert row icon (green plus symbol) to enter the necessary details.  

Use the F4 help to select the appropriate application, in our case it is ‘V2’ (For Delivery). The next entry is choosing the message type (note that this message type is different from the one which we have created earlier, this message type is used to set the output types in VL02N transaction). In our case the message type is ‘LD00’.  

NOTE: Appropriate message types are selected with the help of NACE transaction. In NACE transaction, select the appropriate Application (V2) and click the output type PUSH button in the application tool bar. List of output types will be displayed, see which output type is configured for your required output medium (ALE, EDI, PTINTER, FAX etc.) you can use only those output types as message types in partner profile.  

Next entry is to choose the process code.

For each applications (V1for sales order, V2 for delivery, V3 for invoice) there are set of process codes maintained in transaction WE41 (For outbound process code). Go to WE41 transaction and select the appropriate process code. In our case it is ‘DELV’.  

NOTE: The process codes are assigned to function modules which has the code to process (Populate the IDOC segments, save the segment data in EDI specific database table etc) the IDOC segments at runtime.

Once the necessary entries are made click on save button.  


This ends your partner profile creation.  

Time for a little coding, as stated earlier the process codes are associated with function modules to process our extension IDOC. To see the function module double click on the process code ‘DELV’. It will take to the following screen.  

Next step is to find the customer exit in the function module to populate the custom segment in the extension IDOC. Check for the PERFORM that fill the Data records internal table and proceed to find the relevant customer exit or directly you can search customer exit for Data record. Usually the customer exits for Data records will be “customer-function ‘002’ ”.  


Note: FM: IDOC_OUTPUT_DELVRY has all the standard logic to populate the standard segments of the extension IDOC ‘ZDELVRY03’. We use the customer exit to imply our logic on standard segments and to populate custom segments. In our case we are using it for latter case.  


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