Extending the standard IDOC for Outbound delivery (VL02N)


The below code has the logic for adding the custom segment ‘Z1EDLPI’ as child of ‘E1EDL22’ and what data needs to be populated in the fields of the custom segment. Save and activate include ZXTRKU02.  


Note: The code written above will be executed only if this enhancement component’s Project is activated in SMOD.  



With this all the necessary configurations on the EDI IDOC front is over. The next step will be configuring the output types in VL02N to trigger the Extension IDOC. To do this, go to Transaction VL02N.  




Select the ‘Send Immediately option’ and click on back button and save the Delivery.  



When the delivery is saved successfully we can see the IDOC number by selecting the output type and clicking on processing log push button as shown below.  


Now to see whether the custom segment has been populated as desired and to know the status of the IDOC, go to transaction WE02.  


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