IDOC Mass Upload tool

YRTRR6N_MASS_TOP - Include program for the data declaration

*--Types Declaration
TYPES: BEGIN OF type_idoc,
          docnum TYPE edi_docnum,
          logdat TYPE edi_logdat,
          logtim TYPE edi_logtim,
          credat TYPE edi_credat,
          cretim TYPE edi_cretim,
          status TYPE edi_status,
          repid  TYPE edi_repid,
          stacod TYPE edi_stacod,
          statxt TYPE	edi_statx_,
          segnum TYPE idocssgnum,
          segfld TYPE edi_segfld,
          stapa1 TYPE edi_stapa1,
          stapa2 TYPE edi_stapa2,
          stapa3 TYPE edi_stapa3,
          stapa4 TYPE edi_stapa4,
          stamid TYPE edi_stamid,
          stamno TYPE edi_stamno,
       END OF type_idoc.
TYPES: BEGIN OF type_display,
       box             TYPE char1,
       docnum          TYPE edi_docnum,
       seg_name        TYPE edi_segnam,
       segnum          TYPE idocssgnum,
       segtyp          TYPE edilsegtyp,
       field           TYPE edi_segfld,
       message         TYPE bapi_msg,
       field_value(15) TYPE c,
       END OF type_display.
TYPES: BEGIN OF type_edid4,
        docnum TYPE edi_docnum,
        segnum TYPE idocssgnum,
        segnam TYPE edi_segnam,
        sdata  TYPE edi_sdata,
       END OF type_edid4.
TYPES: BEGIN OF type_edid4_temp,
        docnum TYPE edi_docnum,
        segnum TYPE idocssgnum,
        segnam TYPE edi_segnam,
        sdata  TYPE edi_sdata,
       END OF type_edid4_temp.
TYPES: BEGIN OF type_edid4t,
        docnum    TYPE edi_docnum,
        segnum    TYPE idocssgnum,
        segnam    TYPE edi_segnam,
        stapa1    TYPE edi_stapa1,
        comp_code TYPE char4,
       END OF type_edid4t.
*--Data Declarations
DATA: t_idoc                  TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF type_idoc,
      t_idoc_temp             TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF type_idoc,
      t_edid4                 TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF type_edid4,
      w_edid4                 TYPE type_edid4,
      t_edid4_temp            TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF type_edid4_temp,
      t_edid4t                TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF type_edid4t,
      w_edid4t                TYPE type_edid4t,
      w_e1bpacgl09            TYPE e1bpacgl09,
      w_idoc                  TYPE type_idoc,
      w_idoc1                 TYPE type_idoc,
      t_display               TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF type_display,
      w_display               TYPE type_display,
      t_field_catalog         TYPE slis_t_fieldcat_alv,
      t_fieldcatalogue        TYPE slis_t_fieldcat_alv,
      t_display_t             TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF type_display,
      t_display_temp          TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF type_display,
      w_display_t             TYPE type_display,
      t_edidd                 TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF edidd,
      w_tabname               TYPE w_tabname,
      w_dref                  TYPE REF TO data,
      fs_line                 TYPE REF TO data,
      w_dref1                 TYPE REF TO data,
      fs_line1                TYPE REF TO data,
      t_fieldcat               TYPE lvc_t_fcat,
      t_edsappl               TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF edsappl,
      w_edsappl               TYPE edsappl.
*--Global Constant declaration
DATA: g_seg_name     TYPE edi_segnam,
      io_find(58)    TYPE c,
      io_replace(58) TYPE c,
      g_docnum       TYPE edi_docnum,
      doc_num        TYPE edi_docnum.
DATA : ref_grid  TYPE REF TO cl_gui_alv_grid,
       ok_code   TYPE sy-ucomm.
*--Constant declarations
CONSTANTS: c_etype         TYPE bapi_mtype      VALUE 'E',
           c_log00         TYPE balognr         VALUE '0',
           c_51            TYPE char2           VALUE '51',
           c_53            TYPE char2           VALUE '53',
           c_e             TYPE char1           VALUE 'E',
           c_i             TYPE char1           VALUE 'I',
           c_pc            TYPE char15          VALUE 'Profit center', "#EC NOTEXT
           c_order(5)      TYPE c               VALUE 'Order', "#EC NOTEXT
           c_pc1           TYPE char10          VALUE 'PROFIT_CTR',
           c_io            TYPE char15          VALUE 'internal order', "#EC NOTEXT
           c_io1           TYPE char9           VALUE 'INT_ORDR',
           c_wbs           TYPE char3           VALUE 'WBS',
           c_wbs1          TYPE char9           VALUE 'WBS_ELMT',
           c_cc            TYPE char15          VALUE 'cost center', "#EC NOTEXT
           c_cc1           TYPE char10          VALUE 'COSTCENTER',
           c_tt            TYPE char20          VALUE 'Transaction Type', "#EC NOTEXT
           c_fo            TYPE char20          VALUE 'Field &', "#EC NOTEXT
           c_gl            TYPE char10          VALUE 'GL_ACCOUNT',
           c_eid           TYPE char20          VALUE 'Error in document', "#EC NOTEXT
           c_gl_1          TYPE char7           VALUE 'Account', "#EC NOTEXT
           c_string        TYPE char8           VALUE 'BKPFF $',
           c_reset         TYPE char20          VALUE 'Status Reset', "#EC NOTEXT
           c_x             TYPE char1           VALUE 'X',
           c_s             TYPE char1           VALUE 'S',
           c_h             TYPE char1           VALUE 'H',
           c_bal           TYPE char20          VALUE 'Balancing Field', "#EC NOTEXT
           c_save          TYPE char50          VALUE 'Changed data record was saved', "#EC NOTEXT
           c_change(2)     TYPE c               VALUE '02',
           c_*             TYPE c               VALUE '*',
           c_field_value(11) TYPE c               VALUE 'FIELD_VALUE',
           c_top_of_page     TYPE slis_formname   VALUE 'TOP_OF_PAGE',
           c_e1bpacgl09(10)  TYPE c               VALUE 'E1BPACGL09',
           c_0123456789(10)  TYPE c               VALUE '0123456789',
           c_m               TYPE c               VALUE 'M',
           c_t_display(9)    TYPE c               VALUE 'T_DISPLAY',
           c_docnum(6)       TYPE c               VALUE 'DOCNUM',
           c_seg_name(8)     TYPE c               VALUE 'SEG_NAME',
           c_segnum(6)       TYPE c               VALUE 'SEGNUM',
           c_field(5)        TYPE c               VALUE 'FIELD',
           c_message(7)      TYPE c               VALUE 'MESSAGE',
           c_box(3)          TYPE c               VALUE 'BOX',
           c_pf_status_set   TYPE slis_formname   VALUE 'PF_STATUS_SET',
           c_user_command    TYPE slis_formname   VALUE 'USER_COMMAND',
           c_pf_status_set1   TYPE slis_formname   VALUE 'PF_STATUS_SET1',
           c_user_command1    TYPE slis_formname   VALUE 'USER_COMMAND1',
           c_z_mass_upload(13)   TYPE c               VALUE 'Z_MASS_UPLOAD',
           c_sall(4)         TYPE c               VALUE 'SALL',
           c_lfo(4)          TYPE c               VALUE '&LFO',
           c_fnr(4)          TYPE c               VALUE '&FNR',
           c_nfo(4)          TYPE c               VALUE '&NFO',
           c_edidc(5)        TYPE c               VALUE 'EDIDC',
           c_edidd(5)        TYPE c               VALUE 'EDIDD',
           c_char(4)         TYPE c               VALUE 'CHAR',
           c_numc(4)         TYPE c               VALUE 'NUMC',
           c_c               TYPE c               VALUE 'C',
           c_n               TYPE c               VALUE 'N',
           c_segnam(6)       TYPE c               VALUE 'SEGNAM',
           c_repl(4)         TYPE c               VALUE 'REPL',
           c_canc(4)         TYPE c               VALUE 'CANC',
           c_back(4)         TYPE c               VALUE 'BACK',
           c_z01(3)          TYPE c               VALUE 'Z01',
           c_z_output(8)     TYPE c               VALUE 'Z_OUTPUT'.
                <t_itab_temp>  TYPE STANDARD TABLE,
                <fs_output>    TYPE ANY.
DATA: salv1 TYPE REF TO cl_salv_table,
      salv2 TYPE REF TO cl_salv_table.
DATA: g_custom               TYPE REF TO cl_gui_custom_container,
      g_container_new        TYPE scrfname VALUE 'CUSTOM_CONTROL_NEW',
      g_custom_container_new TYPE REF TO cl_gui_custom_container,
      g_container            TYPE scrfname VALUE 'CUSTOM_CONTROL_OLD',
      g_custom_container     TYPE REF TO cl_gui_custom_container,
      g_grid                 TYPE REF TO cl_gui_alv_grid,
      g_grid_new             TYPE REF TO cl_gui_alv_grid.
DATA: dy_table TYPE REF TO data,
      dy_line  TYPE REF TO data,
      dy_table1 TYPE REF TO data,
      dy_line1  TYPE REF TO data,
      segment_line  TYPE REF TO data,
      xfc TYPE lvc_s_fcat,
      ifc TYPE lvc_t_fcat,
      wfc TYPE lvc_s_fcat,
      tfc TYPE lvc_t_fcat.

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