Distributing Material Master data using Standalone programs and Change Pointers


Step 5: Maintain Partner Profiles               Tcode: WE20

In  partner profile we specify the names of the partners which are allowed to  exchange IDocs .



Double Click on the Message type MATMAS the following opens.

 Enter the details for Receiving port, Pack size and Basic type.


Step 6: Create Customer Distribution model   Tcode: BD64

Click on the Create button and enter the short text, Technical name etc as shown below


Now select the created model view and click on Add message type button .A pop up box appears, enter Sending system, receiving system and message type.


Save the Distribution model 

Generate Partner Profiles 

Click the menu item ‘Generate Partner Profiles’.


It leads to the next transaction where in the selection screen you have to provide Model view name, Partner System logical system and execute.

Then, you will be intimated about the partners, port creation, and outbound parameters creation. 

Distribute Customer Distribution Model 

In the menu item ‘Distribute’ to the destination client.

Popup window appears ,  press Enter. 

Generate Partner Profiles in partner system (in bound system)

Transaction: BD82

Provide Model view and logical system of Partner system to this system (our Outbound system)

Execute, again you will be intimated about the creation of inbound parameters.

You cannot maintain a message type between the same sender and receiver in more than one customer distribution model.
Only the owner is authorized to modify the model.

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