Distributing Material Master data using Standalone programs and Change Pointers


Step 7: Creation of material    T.code MM01.

Enter the details as shown below and create a material.



Step 8: Send the created material.                   T.code BD10

Enter the material created or changed, message type and the destination system as follow and execute.

  We get the information as 1 master Idoc created, 1Communication Idoc created. 

Step 9: View the IDoc                                  T.code we05


Technical Settings In the Receiving system R3SCLNT810.

Partner Profile                        T.code WE20

For the partner add the message type .here the message type is MATMAS


Double click on the message type and enter the processing code (MATM) and select Trigger Immediately radio button, save.


Get the material                                                                                         T.code BD11.

Enter the material created or changed, and the Message as shown below.


         If every thing is fine IDOC will be created.

       View the Idoc in the T.code We09.

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