Distributing Material Master data using Standalone programs and Change Pointers


Data Transfer by Change Pointers:

Steps from 1 to 6 are same as stand alone programs.

Step1: Define logical system

Step2: Assign logical system to the client

Step3: Create RFC Destination  

Step4: Define Port

Step5: Generate partner profiles

Step6: Create Customer Distribution model  

The following are the additional steps for Change pointers

Note (The following steps are to be maintained in both the sending and receiving systems)

Step 1: Activate change pointers generally              T.Code BD61

Check the box so that change pointers get activated and keep track the changes to

trigger ALE process. 


Step 2: Activate change pointers for the message type            T.code BD50


Step3: Change Document should be checked at data element level 


Step4: Run the program RBDMIDOC or the T.code BD21

Enter message type and execute.

Create or change a material and check for the Idoc creation in the T.code WE09.  



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