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ALV Tree using nested loops



If we enter only one sales order type, for example – ‘TA’ (In my case ‘TA’), we get –  

If we want to see multiple types of sales order types and sales orders in them and there line items –

We get –  

Now if we want to edit the value of some node (In this case I have considered


We can do so by adding the code in event response of local class event

method. We get ->  

1. Double click on the node whose value we have to change

2. In this example I select ZIC order type’s sales order 71.

Now I enter new value and reason for it. In this case I have made the reason compulsory for change to happen. So I want to change the value 10764.00 to change to 20000.00.  

Result –

The main idea and key point behind creating this hierarchy is keeping the node_key

unique. We can add further levels by adding nested loops inside the loops for example billing plans, dates..etc.. We can add one more column to show the payments against the billing plans in hierarchical manner.

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