Adobe Forms - Using Alternative


Step13: Drag and drop table GT_SPFLI from Global data to TRUE node and de-activate fields which we don't need. 



Step14: Drag and drop table GT_SFLIGHT from Global data to FALSE node and de-activate fields which we don't need.




Step15: Select the Alternative conditions tab and create condition for alternative.

Create condition as FLAG = INITIAL.

Means subform TRUE will be triggered when the flag is initial and subform FALSE will be triggered when there is some value in flag variable (NOT INITIAL).  


Step16: Select tab page LAYOUT for going to Adobe layout.

In Layout, go to MASTER page decrease the page area and create the boiler plate elements, such as text and image elements. We can create these from dragging the elements from library.   



Step17: In data view we will find subform ALERNATIVE, with in it tables will be placed in TRUE and FALSE subforms using choice subformset.  


Step18: Drag and drop complete ALTERNATIVE subform into body page from data view. 

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