Adobe Forms - Using Alternative


Step19: Select body page and go to the object view from the pallets.


Step20: Go to SUBFORM tab; make the body page content FLOWED, Flow direction TOP TO BOTTOM.


Step21: Go to Pagination, set over flow to ‘Go To Page "Page1"’.

This should be done in order to flow the content to the next page when first page is filled completely. 


Step22: Set subforms ALTERNATIVE, TRUE, FALSE content also to be flowed.


Step23: Select the elements in table data and set the appearance to ‘None’.  


Step24: Save and activate the form.

Execute the form to see the below screen.

Here for output we will have two scenarios. 


SCENARIO 1: When the FLAG is INITIAL, SPFLI data will be displayed in output.

SCENARIO 2: When the FLAG is NOT INITIAL, SFLIGHT data will be displayed in output. 


Step26: Select the table IT_SPFLI to give the input data. Give inputs to the table.


Step27: Now there are three entries in the table IT_SPFLI and the FLAG is BLANK. 


Step28: Subform TRUE will be triggered when FLAG is INITIAL. And SPFLI table data will be displayed in output. 


Step29: Maintain same data in IT_SPFLI and give 'X' in FLAG. Scenario 2 will be triggered. 


Step30: Output screen displays SFLIGHT table data;   

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