Date validation in interactive adobe forms

By Phani Diwakar

In adobe form, for date field by default we get F4 help for selecting the date and also we can enter the date manually too. When we are doing interactive adobe forms, usually we get problem with date fields such as we can enter any garbage value manually in date field or we can enter any date format. We cannot restrict not to enter the date manually. So we need to validate the date field with particularly in one specific format. This document gives an idea about this.

When you execute the form, initially date will be appeared as shown below.

We can define our own format other than standard SAP provides. Suppose If you want to display the date in YYYY.MM.DD format, then you have to follow the below procedure.

A.    Check whether the date format YYYY.MM.DD is already exists. For that, check the Display Pattern in Field tab of Object palettes as shown. This displays what are the available formats.

We want to display the date format as YYYY.MM.DD which is not already exists as shown above. In this case we need to define this date format.  

B.    Now go to Edit Pattern in Field table of Object palette and write the date format YYYY.MM.DD as shown below.

Now if you see the Display patterns,

If you check point A, you cannot find this date format. Select the YYYY.MM.DD format as shown.  

Activate and execute the form.

Still you can enter the date in different formats or else we can give some garbage in date field as shown.

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