Digital signature in Adobe forms


Select the radio button ‘windows certification store’    

The following Add Digital ID screen will appear when click on Next button and fill the related information.  

Now click on finish button.

Click on sign button as shown below.  


Now the created signature will appear on the signatory field as shown below.  

Click on signature field, you will get the pop up box as shown below.

If you want to check the signature properties then click on signature properties button.  

If the signature is valid then you will get 'Signed and all signatures are valid' message appear at the top of the window.  

Here we can also change the field entries even after the signature field has been filled. When saving the form after we modified the any of the field entries in the form, you will get the following message at the top ‘Signed and all signatures are valid, but with unsigned changes after the last signature’.  

Click on signature panel at the top right side corner (Shown on above picture), there you can find the log as shown below.

When you click on highlighted statement under Form Fields Filled In, it would show the modified value of the field. And also you can check the value before modification in the Click to view this version under signature details.  

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