Populate the Drop Down in Offline Adobe Interactive form


Form Context is displayed as below.  


Drag & drop the Global data form Interface to Context Level & Save the form.  


Click on the Layout to design the layout. Form layout is displayed.  

Click on the data view to View the fields that are add to the context in the context tab.  


Now drag and drop two drop-down list form the Object library and rename them as country code.  


Go to Tools -> Option’s and select the Option Show dynamic properties.(this is mandatory for offline interactive form)


Select object name ->go to Palettes->Click object->.

Click on the Specify item value->in the dynamic properties-> select the Items and select the value form GT_COUNTRYCODE-> data.  


Select the value land from the Drop down to do the dynamic binding.  


Save and activate the form.  

Passing X to the Fillable parameters in the DOCPARAMS.



Execute the form. Country Code Values are populate into dropdown  

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