Displaying multiple line items over a number of pages


Then Go to “Pagination” tabs and inside Overflow select go To Page “Page1”. (Page 1 being the next page name in this example)

Go to the last Binding tab and check on Repeat Table for Each Data Item.

Step 4: Now right click the table and Choose Wrap in Sub form.

Note:- Size of the sub form should be same as of your table. Hierarchy to be followed is: Content Area > Subform > Table i.e. inside the Content Area should be the subform and inside the subform should be the table.

Right click on subform and go to Palettes-> objects. Then in Subform tab Goto content and select Flowed. Also mark the checkbox ‘Allow Page Breaks within Content’ ON.

Now go to Pagination tab and inside Overflow select Go to Page “Page1”. (Page 1 being the next page name in this example)

Goto Binding tab and then check mark on Repeat Subform for Each Data Item. And give Min Count ‘1’.

Save and activate these changes.

Following is the final output of our adobe form with table containing multiple line items.

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