Using Multiple Master and Body pages in the SAP Adobe Forms


And also in all remaining 3 pages logo and carrid is printed.  

But our objective of this document is of restricting these TWO, carrid and logo. For that,  proceed as follows

Step11: To create new master page, right click on page1 and select New Master Page as shown.  


Step12: New master page is created.  


Step13: Now create new body page. Right click on ‘Bodypage1’ and select New Body Page.  


Rename it to Bodypage2.  


Step14: Drag and drop the internal table into Bodypage2.  

Step15: Now place the cursor at ‘Bodypage1’ and go to object palette.

Go to pagination tab.  


Now select Page1 in place of ‘Following Pervious’ as shown below.  


And also, select the Page2 instead of None in the Overflow column.  


Step16: Now, select Bodypage2. Go to pagination tab in the object palette. Select ‘Page2’ in place of ‘Following Pervious’ as shown below  


Step17: Change the sub form type for Bodypage2 as Flowed.  

Step17: Activate it and execute the form. The output would be


Now from the second page onwards, we don’t get the logo and carrid. We get these only on first page.

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