Nested tables in Adobe Forms


Reduce the size of Content Area as shown in figure below. 


Step 9: Click on Subform and then in Right-click on the Subform and then in Palettes click on Object and then under Objects Tab click on Subform and make the Content as Flowed as shown below. 


Then Create one more Subform and Rename it as Table and then Right-click on this Form and in Palettes click on Accessibility  make the Subform role as Table and make its Subform content as Flowed as in above case. 


Step 10: Then Insert two Sub Forms in the Table Sub Form, rename it as Header and Body, make sure to make them as Flowed too, and make the Accessibility of the two Subforms as Header Row and Body Row respectively. 

Then Insert a Static Text in Header and insert the Field names as shown below. 




Step 11: Then under Data View, individually Drag and Drop the Fields from the table it_flight in Body Sub Form.

Fields are CARRID,




Step 12: Then under Hierarchy tab Select the 3 Fields (i.e. Carrid, Carrname, and SPFLI) and then drag drop them in Body Sub Form as shown below. 


Then make the Body Sub Form as Flowed as well as make its Flow Direction as Western Text as shown below. 


Step 13: Delete the Table Header of SPFLI as shown. 

Select the all Fields and make their Appearance as None. 


Insert a column to the left of connid as shown below. 


Finally arrange the Fields as shown below. 


Step 14: Under the Pagination Tab of Body Subform in Overflow choose the Go To Content Area value as ContentArea1. 


Step 15: Change the Binding of the Body Subform as shown below. 


Step 16: Give the binding for CARRID.

   Follow the same for CARRNAME. 


Change the binding for SPFLI as shown below. 


Change binding for CONNID and fields related to SPFLI as shown below. 


Step 17:

Save and Activate the form.  

Step 18:

Execute the form. The following output will be displayed. 

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