Upload Photos/images into custom table & Print in Adobe form


Click on create button and Enter description, specify the interface that you have create above in step


Enter save assign to the transport request (here we have assigned it to local package)

The new screen will appear with 3 tab pages and 2 panes can be seen in context tab page.

The left hand pane is the interface and the right hand pane is the context of the adobe form. The interface needs to be mapped with the context of the form. This can be done by drag and drop of the fields from interface to context of the ADOBE form

Once the mapping is done click on the layout tab. In this tab you may design your ADOBE form layout.

Drag and drop the UI Element Image Field on the form master page table line.

Binding the Image Filed. The UI Element needs to be bind so that if can receive the image at run time. For binding the fields select the UI Element

Click on Binding tab on the object window.

Click here to continue...

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