Adobe Forms Online Scenario - Travel Request Form


Now we need to make the field DEPARTMENT as drop down list box.

For that we need to change the field type from TEXT FIELD to DROP DOWN LIST BOX as shown below.  



Now click the ‘+’ button as shown above and add texts.  


Now go to BINDING tab,  


Select the check box ‘Specify Item Values’. Initially it is unchecked. After checking the check box then it shows values and corresponding texts as shown above.  

Change the values from 0, 1, and 2 to corresponding text as shown below.  


Step7: Drag the static text and write ‘Travel by’ text in it.

Now drag and drop the radio button from LIBRARY as shown below.  


Rename the Radio Button to Private Car and press enter. Then  


Again drag and drop the radio button from LIBRARY.  


Again rename the Radio Button to Company Car and press enter. Then  

Repeat the same process for remaining 3 radio buttons.

Now go to binding tab,  


Now, change the values from 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 to corresponding text as shown.  

Step7: Now go to properties tab,  


Change the layout type ‘UNKNOW LAYOUT TYPE’ to ‘ZCI LAYOUT’ as shown below.  


Step8: Now activate both the form and interface.  

Step9: Now come back to Web dynpro application.  


Now click on create button. Provide the action name and description.  



Now double click on SAVE.

The following screen appears.  

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