Demo scenario on Adobe Interactive Forms using ABAP WebDynpro - Part1


Give the Attribute Name as ‘PDF_SOURCE’ and the type ‘XSTRING’ as shown below


You can see all the nodes that we have created; your screen should appear like the one shown below.


Go to the Layout tab of the ‘MAIN VIEW’ and create a place holder for the adobe form, Right click on the ‘ROOTUIELEMENTCONTAINER’ select ‘insert Element’ from the context window as shown below.


Enter the details in the POPUP window, give the name of the place holder as ‘ADOBE’ and type ‘InteractiveForm’ as shown below.


You can see the placeholder ‘ADOBE’ being created, check the CHEKBOX enabled in the property list, this is a required entry for an interactive form, (an activex control  ‘Active Control Framework’ will be automatically downloaded on to the client from the server when the web page is first called).  Increase the height to 500px and width to 500px as shown below.


Click on the button in the property list for the property ‘pdfSource’ and select the node ‘PDF_SOURCE’ from the context window. 

In the property List for ‘template Source’ property give the name of the adobe form ’ZADOBE’ that we will be creating during this session and double click on it. 

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