Demo scenario on Adobe Forms using ABAP WebDynpro - Part 2


Drag and drop the Node ‘ZDEPT’  onto the context  

Go to the Layout tab and Drag & Drop the ‘ZDEPT’ node on to the form layout, Save and Activate the form


You can also create a Report program (Print Program) and call the above mentioned form, but we are going to write the print program logic in the Web Dynpro.

Go to transaction SE80 and create a Web Dynpro component ‘Z_NON_INT_FRM’. 


Press ‘Yes’ to create the object 


Enter the details as show below and press enter


Save and enter a workbench request 


You can see the Component Controller, Interface controller and window being created


Create a view as shown below:


Give the Name of the View as ‘MAIN_VIEW’

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