Using Web Services in Adobe Forms

By ArunKumar.C & Gurunath.P, Kaavian Systems

Scenario: Fetching the Material Description for a Material in Adobe Form using Web Service.  

Consider a Scenario User enters a Material Number in a Adobe Form and the Material Description has to be fetched from the Material master table , for this we use web service to fetch the description.  

I. Create a Web Service:

Step 1: we need to create a Remote enable function module  

Step 2 : Define one Import parameter material number(MATNR) and Two Export parameter material Description (MAKTX) and BAPIRETURN (Mandatory)

Step 3: Write the code for to fetch the material description in source code.  

Then activate and check the function module  

Step 4: Goto the Utilities->More utilities->Create web service->From the function module  

Step 5: A Web Service Wizard  will be displayed  

Give the Service name and Description  

Press continue  

Press continue  

Press continue

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