Custom BAPI creation - Step-by-step Procedure


Now go to BAPI Tcode (BOR) there we can find the BAPI (our BAPI) 

The BAPI browser would look like the screen below. 


You can click on the Alphabetical tab so that you can browse the BAPI’s in an alphabetical order. Find your BAPI as shown. 



Now we are done with the creation of a BAPI.


Test Your BAPI. 


Enter the name of your BAPI in the transaction SWO1 and click on ‘Test’. 


The above screen is displayed. Click on the Execute icon against the BAPI as shown. 



The above screen is displayed where you would require entering the data against the empty input fields. 


We have entered some data in the Field. 

After entering the data, click on the execute icon as shown below. 


The following screen is displayed which has some values as is indicated by the ITEMTAB. 


Click on the Edit table icon as shown below. 


The results as per our input are as shown below. 


By this, we would get it confirmed that our BAPI is working properly. 

We can even check it by passing different values again. Come back to the input and execution screen. 


After executing the BAPI based on the input provided, we get the following screen. 


Hit on the execute icon.


In the above shown screen, hit on the edit table icon. 


The above is the output we get from the input we provided. 

We are now done with the creation and successful execution of a BAPI.


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