Creating Sales Scheduling Agreement with Extensions using BAPI



This table is populated with Schedule Line Level Data of the Document.

The following parameters need to be populated:

  1. ITM_NUMBER       - Item Number    -     VBEP-POSNR

  2. SCHED_LINE         - Schedule Line   -     VBEP-ETENR

  3. REQ_DATE             - Required Quantity   VBEP-WMENG

  4. REQ_DATE             - Required Date          VBEP-EDATU  


The fields in this structure needs to be populated with ‘X’, if they are being populated in the structure SALES_SCHEDULES_IN.  

Work area is appended to the Internal Table


The parameters in this table are populated with header level and item level texts which need to be populated for the Scheduling Agreement.

The parameters of this table which need to be filled are:

  1. ITM_NUMBER      Item Number    - VBAP-POSNR for Item Level Text and ‘000000’ for Header Level Text  

  2. TEXT_ID                Text Id

  3. TEXT_LINE           Text Line -The actual text which needs to be populated

  4. FUNCTION            Function - needs to be populated with ‘009’ (Insert)  


This table needs to be populated for populating the Z fields at Header or Item Level of the Schedule Line agreement.

In this scenario, we will see how a Z field at the item level (VBAP-ZZMTLIFNR) is populated using the BAPI.

The following procedure needs to be followed:

·         The field ZZMTLIFNR already exists in VBAP table through customer append of structure ZMOTC_LIFNR.

·         Enhance Structure BAPE_VBAP by appending a structure (ZMSOTC_LIFNR) which contains the two fields – ZZMTLIFNR and ZZMTIDNEX.

·         Enhance BAPE_VBAPX by appending structure (ZMSOTC_LIFNRX) containing two flag fields – ZZMTLIFNR (single character) and ZZMTIDNEX (single character). This structure has to be enhanced because the BAPIs work with checkboxes.


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