Process Review on 3.X Loading for Purchase Cube in SAP BI


Here, we need to select the Source System as “FLAT FILE (X)” in the Transfer Structure.

In the process of copying the fields, we must not forget to change the Conversion Parameter.

Here, we have CALMONTH which is usually a PERI6 by default, which must be noted  

Now, perform a “Refresh Sub tree”  


Now, we need to create an Info package on the Data source. So, right click and choose “Create Info package” & name it, say “IP_TEST46”  

After saving the Info package, we need to choose the corresponding file for input. It could be from AL11 or from your desktop.  

Choosing files from the list we choose “DIR_HOME” where purchase cube data is stored.

We now have chosen the file name “0D_PU_C01_TD_2003_2004_E” as an example  

Choose “Disp Cont.” to continue with selection.


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